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Merino Mall’s Cultural Tapestry

At the core of Mpumalanga’s Gert Sibande District, where the sun kisses the land and whispers stories of generations past, lies the quaint town of Ermelo. Here, time moves to the echoes of centuries of prosperous agriculture, with Merino sheep farming prevailing and etching its legacy into the very fabric of the landscape. Amidst this tradition, nestled in the northeast of the province, there once stood a proud emblem of the town’s heritage—a grand showground. But now, along Voortrekker Road, where history once grazed freely, a new chapter unfolds.

What was once a barn has been transformed into a space where commerce and community thrive, and the spirit of the land pulses through every brick and beam. Here, in this modern pillar of progress, the legacy of Ermelo’s sheep-farming heritage finds new life, interwoven with the bustling rhythms of retail and leisure, a testament to the enduring resilience of a town rooted in its rich history.

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In the quiet embrace of this town, the long-ago discovery of a 19th-century Dutch Reformed Church, the passage of time brought an array of transformations. The dust of the destruction from the Anglo-Boer War had long settled, and the farmlands had evolved into a semi-urban expanse. The beloved showgrounds, reminiscent of bygone days, had lost their allure in the face of modernity. And so, in 2022, they gracefully made room for a contemporary addition that would redefine the area – a community-centric retail experience called Merino Mall. As the only formal regional shopping centre within a 100 km radius, this creation is a product of MDS Architecture’s meticulous eye for contextual design.

The team at MDS Architecture tackled the task of transforming history into a harmonious ode to both the past and the future. Their vision materialised into a shopping centre that prioritises its people. It stands not just as a commercial hub but as an amalgamation of heritage, landscape, and a commitment to local growth.

The inspiration for the mall’s design emerged from the barn that once stood proudly on the showgrounds. Donald McGillivray, a partner at MDS Architecture, reflected on the process: ‘Taking the barn concept further, we experimented with cross sections, which resulted in exposed rib-like roof trusses in porte cocheres at each entrance.’


As one steps into the space, a warm ‘Hello!’ in inviting green sets the tone, the first of many messages scattered throughout the mall. The walls become storytellers, speaking of community, growth, history, and the rising sun and nearby river. Local artworks, carefully crafted for the space, serve as tangible testaments to these themes, bringing the essence of community and heritage to life.

Merino Mall transcends the typical retail experience; it is a place of gathering for the town and its surrounding communities, reaching out to neighbouring towns as far as Secunda and Middelburg. Beyond commerce, it fosters a culture of social connection, hosting happenings throughout the year to draw the community closer together.

In a world where the words ‘mall’, ‘shop’, and ‘retail’ often conjure images of commercialism, Merino Mall stands as an inspired new take, proving that retail spaces can be more than just avenues for shopping. They can be agents of unity, celebrations of heritage, uplifting forces for entire areas, and steps toward a brighter future. In a small town like Ermelo, such initiatives make all the difference, weaving a richer tapestry for its people.

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