Harvey Thatch Tiles: Elevate Your Roofing to New Heights!

Thatch Sunset[1]

Nothing compares to the rustic allure of thatch. Its natural beauty creates an inviting ambiance, exuding character both inside and outside the home. But let’s be honest, the ongoing upkeep, the hassles of re-thatching, and the ever-looming threats of fire and lightning can dampen the charm of natural thatch.

That’s where Harvey Thatch steps in to save the day! They have revolutionised the world of roofing by addressing all the common issues associated with natural thatch, while still preserving that beloved African aesthetic you adore. Whether you’re seeking a brand-new roof or planning to re-roof your beloved abode, Harvey Thatch seamlessly integrates with your existing layer of natural thatch. This way, you can relish in the charm and insulation properties that only natural thatch provides, while benefiting from the unmatched durability and lightweight flexibility of their remarkable steel tiles.

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Crafted with precision, Harvey Thatch Tiles boast a final thickness of 0.52mm. They utilise a zinc aluminium steel substrate infused with natural stone, ensuring unparalleled longevity and decades of attractive protection for your cherished home. It’s no wonder their products come with a rock-solid 20 Year Warranty and holds an impressive A-Class fire rating.

Don’t settle for anything less – insist on Harvey Thatch Tile. When it comes to your valuable investment, why take chances and compromise? Over the long haul, your roof endures the relentless assault of the elements – scorching African sun, relentless rain, merciless hail, and howling winds. Since 1968, Harvey Roofing Products has been at the forefront of steel roof tile innovation, creating a sustainable business that locally manufactures a proven, top-quality product. The original and unrivalled Harvey Thatch Tile has weathered countless storms, earning a stellar reputation through numerous successful projects.

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Rest easy knowing that their commitment to excellence means they only use the finest materials available. This unwavering dedication ensures consistent quality and guarantees their products are suitable for a wide range of roofing applications, be it commercial, domestic, or industrial.

Experience the Harvey difference, where roofing innovation meets African allure. Upgrade to the best, and let your roof tell a story of strength, beauty, and enduring protection.

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