House of the Pink Spot


Reimagining Orange Farm’s Future with Frankie Pappas International.

Size: 9 m²

Completed: 2023

Location: Drieziek, Orange Farm

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Frankie Pappas International are on a mission to create stunning solutions that inspire a better world. With a dedicated team of professionals, they craft extraordinary public buildings that are born to shape a remarkable future. They are the change-makers of the industry willing to challenge the status quo to build a world we yearn to inhabit – a world that defies expectations and creates a brighter tomorrow.

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A Safe Haven for Community

The task was clear: reclaim this space and fashion a beacon of hope. The vision was to create a landmark where community members could gather and find respite in shade and light; a space where small theatre productions can be held, where children can play, and where grandparents can watch. The design also aimed to educate on human rights, address the root causes of gender-based violence, and empower victims and survivors with essential resources through a QR code leading to legal and counselling services.

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An Oasis Amidst Darkness

Nestled in the heart of Orange Farm’s Drieziek 5, a recognised hotspot for gender-based violence (GBV), lies a plot of land abandoned to garbage and shadow. In the darkness of night, the absence of streetlights and minimal human activity fuelled the rise of violent and criminal behaviour. This alarming situation, highlighted by Amnesty International South Africa, demanded a transformative intervention.

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