Décor & Design Trends in the Luxury Market for 2023


The luxury sector plays a pivotal role in shaping the broader housing market, says Yael Geffen, CEO of Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty, by setting the standard of aspiration, especially in terms of design, features, and décor.

‘Luxury properties showcase the epitome of elegance, sophistication and opulence, and their exquisite designs, unique materials and state-of-the-art technologies captivate our imaginations.’

‘With money being little or no object, this sector serves as a breeding ground for design and décor innovation, with architects, interior designers and industry professionals able to push boundaries and experiment with new materials, layouts, and technologies in these high-end spaces.’

‘Luxury homes are also at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge smart home technologies. From automated lighting and climate control systems to state-of-the-art security and entertainment features, these innovations enhance convenience, comfort and security,’ says Geffen.

She notes that the creative solutions implemented in luxury homes eventually trickle down to the wider market, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of design in more affordable properties.

‘As other buyers seek to replicate elements of luxury homes within their own budgets, designers and manufacturers strive to meet this demand by replicating new luxury trends.’

Yael Geffen, CEO of Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty.

Below, Geffen explores the top current home trends in the luxury market that are shaping the way we live and redefine modern living spaces.

Maximalist glamour

While minimalism has been popular, a current trend in luxury home decor is embracing maximalist glamour.

Layers of luxurious fabrics, ornate patterns, and bold statement pieces create an atmosphere of grandeur. Elaborate chandeliers, oversized mirrors, and intricate wallpaper designs are used to make a statement.

This trend encourages homeowners to embrace their creativity and showcase their personality through lavish and eye-catching decor.

Sustainable living

Sustainability has become an essential consideration in luxury home design. Incorporating eco-friendly features such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable materials is not only responsible, but also a mark of luxury.

From reclaimed wood flooring to recycled glass countertops, homeowners are embracing environmentally conscious choices without compromising on style.

Smart home technology

The integration of smart home technology has revolutionised the luxury market. Home automation systems that control lighting, heating, security, and entertainment are highly desirable.

Voice-activated assistants, intuitive controls, and remote access provide homeowners with the convenience and connectivity they desire. Cutting-edge technology, such as smart mirrors and appliances, is also gaining popularity.

Wellness spaces

Luxury homeowners are increasingly seeking spaces that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Dedicated wellness areas within the home, such as spa-like bathrooms, meditation rooms, and home gyms, offer a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

These spaces often feature high-end amenities like steam showers, hydrotherapy tubs, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Outdoor oasis

Expanding the concept of luxury beyond the interior, outdoor living spaces have taken centre stage. Homeowners are investing in beautifully landscaped gardens, expansive patios, and luxurious pool areas.

Alfresco dining spaces with outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and comfortable seating arrangements provide the perfect setting for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars.

Statement art and décor

Luxury homes are embracing bold art and décor to make a statement. Eye-catching sculptures, oversized paintings, and unique installations add personality and create focal points in the living spaces. Mixing textures, patterns, and materials in an artful manner allows homeowners to showcase their individuality and design sensibilities.

Customisation and personalisation

Tailoring the living space to individual preferences has become a hallmark of luxury homes. Homeowners are seeking customisation options for everything, from floor plans and architectural details to fixtures and finishes.

Unique touches such as personalised wine cellars, home theatres, or even private libraries reflect the homeowner’s distinct style and taste.

Home office retreats

With remote work becoming more prevalent, luxury homes are incorporating dedicated office spaces that blend functionality and aesthetics. Home office retreats often feature high-quality furniture, ergonomic design elements, and the latest technology to create a productive and comfortable work environment.

Multifunctional design

Flexibility and versatility are key in luxury home design. Multifunctional spaces that seamlessly transition between different uses are gaining popularity. For example, a home gym that can be converted into a guest bedroom or a media room that doubles as a home theatre. This trend caters to homeowners who value adaptability and efficiency in their living spaces.

Integration of nature

Bringing nature indoors is an ongoing trend in luxury homes. Floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor gardens, and living walls create a seamless connection with the surrounding environment. Incorporating natural elements not only enhances aesthetics, but also contributes to a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.

‘The luxury home décor market is a dynamic realm of creativity and expression which continues to evolve and inspire,’ concludes Geffen.

‘As buyers aspire to incorporate elements of luxury within their budgets, these trends gradually become more accessible and redefine the expectations and preferences of the wider market.’

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