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99 Invisible

99% Invisible  

A fascinating podcast that explores the unseen and overlooked facets of design and architecture. The research, narration, and production are top-notch, and every episode is both informative and entertaining. You won’t regret adding this one to your playlist. 

About Buildings + Cities     

Perfect for architecture enthusiasts, this podcast takes listeners on a design journey through time, from the distant past to the present day. The host delves deeply into an exploration of architectural history and culture, with detours into film, fiction, comics, and the dimly imagined future. 

About Buildings Cities

Material Matters

Material Matters  

Material Matters features in-depth conversations with a variety of designers, makers, and artists about their relationship with a particular material or technique. Prompted by Grant Gibson’s masterful interview skills, you’ll keep finding yourself drawn to learning about new materials after each episode.



Candid, contemplative, and creative, Clever is a window into the humanity behind design. In each podcast episode, designer Amy Devers has revealing conversations with visionaries, culture-makers, and creative forces to unearth the gritty, authentic, and sometimes surprising details of their creative paths. 



Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground  

A powerful and informative documentary on Netflix that shines a light on the potential of regenerative agriculture as a solution for reversing climate change. The film features a diverse array of experts and farmers, and is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the critical role of soil health in our planet’s future.  

If you enjoyed The Biggest Little Farm, then you’ll want to add this to your watch list. 

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