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A Safal Steel Photography Competition

Safal Steel (a Member of the Safal Group), the only producer of Aluminium-Zinc coated products in Southern Africa, is delighted to announce the commencement of the Pan African Safal Eye in the Wild Photography Competition 2023. The competition, which will run from 28 July to September 15, 2023, aims to ignite conversations and raise awareness about environmental conservation through the power of photography.

The campaign aims to foster meaningful engagements and sustainable partnerships with stakeholders and communities in the built environment markets. Additionally, the campaign seeks to establish deeper connections with the company’s internal and external communities, cementing Safal Steel as a responsible corporate citizen wherever it operates.

The annual campaign was launched in 2017 under the name ‘MRM (Mabati Rolling Mills – A member of the Safal Group) Eye in the Wild Photography Competition. It ran for two years before rebranding in 2019 to the Safal Eye in The Wild Photography Competition to reflect the parent sponsor, The Safal Group. The campaign has witnessed tremendous growth and engagement, capturing the attention of participants from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Each year, the competition focuses on a critical element of the ecosystem to promote discussions and highlight the importance of environmental conservation. The theme for this year’s competition is “Drought”.

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Drought in Africa continues to have dire and severe consequences, particularly for the agriculture-dependent communities in the region. Insufficient rainfall and prolonged dry spells have reduced crop yields, increased livestock losses, and exacerbated food shortages. This in turn has caused a ripple effect significantly contributing to food insecurity in communities.

This year, the Competition seeks to highlight the effects of drought on communities and the power of resourcefulness and innovation in combating the scourge.

“By harnessing the power of art and creativity, we believe that we can move hearts and minds. We can open dialogues, not only within our company but throughout the wider community, inspiring innovative solutions and sustainable approaches to combat the devastating impact of drought,” said Anders Lindgren, Safal Group CEO during the launch event held at the Noir Art Gallery.

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The esteemed panel of judges will evaluate photographs that showcase the effects of drought. They will be looking for images that evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and convey the urgent need for environmental conservation and sustainable solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of drought.

“Let us come together, bound by a common purpose, to deepen our understanding of the effects of drought and to drive positive change for the benefit of our communities and future generations. I urge each and every one of us to participate and be part of the conversations,” said Sarit Shah, Executive Director, Safal Group.

Safal Steel has been investing in various community initiatives in South Africa in areas of Health, Education, Shelter and the Environment. These investments have been implemented in partnership with other stakeholders aligned to our company’s values.  Through such partnerships, photographers will have the opportunity to be part of various projects that seek to mitigate drought within their communities.

The competition will recognize the winners with generous cash prizes. The Gold award winner will receive USD 5,000, the Silver award winner USD 3,000, and the Bronze award winner USD 2,000. Additionally, other cash prizes and gifts will be awarded to outstanding entries. Professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts alike are invited to submit their captivating images through the competition’s dedicated microsite at https://safaleyeinthewild.safalgroup.com/ by 15th October at midnight 2023.

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