Forest Pavilion within The Forestias

The Forest Pavilion at the Forestias

Size: 48 000 m²

Completed: 2020

Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand

The Forestias is one of the largest property development projects in Thailand. The highlight of the project is 48 000 m² of urban forest at its centre, connecting all developments within the site to create a healthier and happier living experience for all residents.

The Forest Pavilion is located within The Forestias, which currently functions as the sales gallery, and will be converted into The Forestias Ecosystem Learning Center for sharing knowledge of forest ecosystems, and be a hub of the residence society in sharing joyful moments, it is also an entrance gateway to the broad forest zone of The Forestias, providing a prototype of living with nature.

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat

The goal is to support happiness and wellness of the users and create an immersive experience of living with nature, which achieved by utilising the research as design strategies. From those findings, we decided to dedicate majority of area as green space that can be seen from every angle of the Forest Pavilion, and demonstrates potential benefits of nature that integrates and encourages users to access to nature to support human interaction with nature.

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat

The landscape concept is “Symbiosis with Nature” which embraces three objectives: planting the future of symbiosis with nature, immersing the wilderness, and balancing human activities and the growth of urban forest – by transforming a rigid form of pavilion into the natural freeform of the central forest, maximise privacy for all users and residents, provide the authentic experience of living in the forest, and provide happiness of living with nature.

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat

The Forest Pavilion is intended to be a testing lab for symbiosis with nature, so the essence of nature have been integrated with landscape design at the Forest Pavilion, where users can have a unique experience of nature in an urbanised form. Delightful walkways and skywalks are designed to attract people, encourage them being outdoors and to enjoy the quality of a natural environment with tranquil picturesque landscape.

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat

At Forest Pavilion, the scale of natural environment here has been extended further beyond any typical urban environment. By creating Miyawaki Eco Forest, this dynamic forest-like landscape is a living paradise creating biodiversity that will grow and evolve along with the current and future generations.

International standards of SITES, WELL, and LEED were implemented. Residents enjoy a refreshing living experience with nature amongst the urban fabric, which integrated sustainable design with high-quality modern lifestyle. 

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat

Happiness—a simple yet powerful manifesto advocated in The Forestias. It is the ideal living sanctuary that demonstrates happiness of dwelling within the urban forest. A good quality of environment will lead to good health and longevity of residents, and it also create a kind and warm society for generations of families. Residents will share mutual benefits with nature harmoniously, learning to be part of nature and raising awareness to create a better and more sustainable world. Hopefully, this can be a turning point of housing developments in the country and lead to a series of high-quality housing projects. 

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Image courtesy of Rungkit Charoenwat


Architect: Foster + Partners

Local Architect: DT DESIGN

Lead Landscape Designer: Tawatchai Kobkaikit, TK Studio Co.Ltd.

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