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What’s NOW for residential interiors? Check out these need-to-know’s presented exclusively to SCAPE  by iconic interior designers, Bone Design Studio. 

Over the past two years the designs of our homes have seen a major shift towards creating spaces that envelop us in calm. Almost as a PTSD reaction to Covid there is a drive from designers and clients to ensure their home puts them emotionally at ease. In terms of colour palettes this means we are seeing a lot more muted warm and earthy tones: greiges, rusts, cognac, chocolates- colours that are very much nature inspired. 

This mood, coupled with a biophilic approach to the structural design of the home, for example, large scale glass windows to visually connect to the outdoors, is a strong trend that sees the residential home becoming a sanctuary of wellness and light.

Through the pandemic there has also been a drive to declutter. The trend of essentialism has emerged in that people do not want items around them that do not spark joy. With the messiness of the world homes have become more considered and intentional, each furniture piece, décor item & light fixture has more meaning attached to it allowing for a more slowed down & reflective lifestyle. With regards to décor items large clay vessels and stone sculptural pieces are becoming features of art instead of ways to fill a shelf. Materials such as sandstone, honed marbles, clay and wood are coming through in the décor choices as the raw and porous finishes complement the restorative nature of biophilic design. All material choices, in both furniture, upholstery & objet are chosen to add depth & soul within the home. There is a major comeback of leather but of the distressed nature. Materials showing their humility and age is preferred instead of the high gloss all white crisp materials of years gone by.

With the amount of time spent at home clients are looking to create dual purpose rooms ie the dining room that could double as the office. Spaces needed to adapt to the multi-functional way of pandemic life. What has emerged is a focus on clever sustainable spatial planning and custom joinery elements, such as a work desks masquerading as beautifully styled dining room server. Clients are realising the value in interior designers ensuring that their spaces are working for their needs instead of being only visually pleasing.

Homes that have the luxury of outdoor spaces are seeing more attention to these landscapes as these become a considered extension of indoor living. Customised pergola designs create beautiful, dappled light and make for a more comfortable Sunday lunch. Bespoke outdoor chairs, honed marble tables and intentional external lighting design create a more elevated outdoor experience. We focus as much devotion to the outdoor as we do to the indoor.

In terms of shapes the architectural arch seems one to stay. Curved glass panes and windows with internal arched doors and recesses reflects the focus for organic figures. Pulling this architectural style within the home there is a movement towards curved and sensual shaped furniture, forms that are welcoming and offer comfort and safety. Rounded marble side tables, coffee tables and dome light fittings in stones and plaster give a sense of softness creating a gentle space with a sense of anchorage.  

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Wall textures will also be big in 2022. Limewashed or trowelled on wall effects offer a dynamic layering to a space that is more visually interesting than flat paint. Wallpapers will still dominate as a go to feature but these will either be used in more textural materials such as grasses, linens or bold patterns that make a statement. These graphics may be safer to explore in a guest room or bathroom, spaces that can be changed in time, as the more used living areas will remain spaces of sanctuary & warm solitude

Moving forward there is more attention to Bespoke design. At Bone we have always created customised furniture pieces for our client’s projects to set them apart and we are seeing even more of an emphasis on one-of-a-kind designs. People want uniqueness and for their home to feel distinctive to their style & personality. A trend for the committed designer is to ensure there is a beautifully balanced mix of curated, custom & repurposed pieces to layer the home with character. No one wants a furniture showroom of mass-produced pieces. Our client’s residences need to be celebrated with soul. Creating custom couches that fit snugly within a room and maximise a rooms layout potential, to hand carved sandstone stools to be used either as a footrest or a beautiful sculptural artwork in a forgotten corner. Printing vibrant designs on our textural mohair throws to add visual interest to a bedroom thus creating artwork out of the usually mundane. As the designer spending the time to find antique pieces that lift a contemporary space will add to the story telling. Homes are no longer just spaces we occupy but they need to work harder for us, they need a sense of heritage, texture & depth to truly make us feel at peace. 

by Nicola Orpen, Interior Designer at Bone Design Studio

Nicola Orpen & Hayley Turner

Instagram: @bonedesignstudio


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