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Considering the far from ‘normal’ two years that have preceded us, we are starting 2022 with a bang!

Out of the blocks it is evident that -with things going back to semi-normal -people are ready to embrace their newfound freedom: to step out, go out and see all the people they couldn’t the last two years. As many people are still working from home the new staying in is going out. 

The design trends for 2022 will embrace this new zest for getting out and socializing. The despondence of the last 2 years is being offset with a quirky optimism seen through the fun use of colour. Think colour blocking with bold shapes in large sizes.


Green is the new black and you will see varying shades from olive oil and sage to pastel cream soda. Not only is green synonymous with sustainability which is an ongoing trend it is also known to create tranquility which is much needed in a world that is forever changing.


Roles have swapped around -as the home becomes the workspace so the restaurant/bar becomes an extension of the living room. There will be a focus on interactive and multifunctional spaces. Where the end user is not merely served but where they can be part of the preparation, visibly interacting with the process is a must moving forward. Kitchens, pizza ovens and prep areas will be visible and a place to gather. Spaces will transform and wear different hats; a dining area one day, a workshop or event space the next. Furniture will be multi-functional to accommodate the different use of space. Items usually found in one’s home will be making their way to commercial spaces to create more approachable and homey spaces. Plants, books and candles will adorn dining rooms and bars, blurring the lines between the home and the restaurant/bar.


The importance of supporting our local talent has been on the forefront of design for some time now, in large part because we are struggling with imports due to the shipping backlogs and increased costs. Collaborating with local artists and manufacturers not only supports these talented artists but creates a local design aesthetic that we are proud to celebrate.


As most people had time during lock down to go through their homes to declutter there is a new affinity for thrifting, upcycling and re-using. Incorporating vintage pieces will create interest and a point of conversation. Rattan has made a big comeback and continues to be used in several applications, from screening and ceiling panels to table legs and lamp shades. We are also making use of a lot of beaded curtains as a soft way to divide spaces.


We will still make a lot of use of our beloved ‘pill shape’ and it will inspire everything from curved bulkheads to bars and rounded furniture pieces.


Sustainability as mentioned before is an ongoing trend and maybe even more so now as the talks of tipping points increase. Making use of sustainably sourced natural materials will be the go-to. Incorporating technologies that assists with the saving of electricity and water as well as generating one’s own electricity will become more important.

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Currently we are having a little obsession with mirror and believe it’s due to all the introspection of the last years. There’s nothing like a little disco ball to put a smile on one’s face. And as selfies and TikTok moments are still big, it’s the perfect backdrop for your next social media post!

We predict a good year ahead where people will embrace stepping out, connecting with each other and have some fun. We are excited to use all these new ideas and trends to create an even better experience!


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