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Celebrating Sela Vie

From under the shade of exquisite parasols on the restaurant terrace, an aura of excellence is tangible at a very special spot on the Val de Vie Estate in Paarl. Known for its chic appeal and decadent dining experiences, Sela Vie is the latest in must-see restaurants in the Cape.

Birthed from the genius of entrepreneur Henrik Persson Ekdahl, Sela Vie is a delectable addition to the Val de Vie Estate in Paarl. After relocating to Cape Town with his family, Ekdahl wanted to open a space that created more job opportunities for the local community and showed support to two dynamic female entrepreneurs. The space needed to allow guests to have a joyous time with their loved ones while engaging in a celebration of everything that makes life good. To achieve the desired total transformation from its previous establishment, Ekdahl appointed Reyjeané of Maison Reyjeané to tackle the overhaul.

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Interior designer Reyjeané says of Ekdahl, ‘He gave me total creative freedom to create an environment that was elegant, serene, and upmarket but still incredibly warm and welcoming.’

The one very specific request was a pleasure to accommodate – to appoint local artisans to manufacture everything. Features like the plaster wall act as stand-out additions to the space, hand-made by a team of wonderful artisans from Plaster Art and Pudlo SA. This allowed for a juxtaposition between an element that looks aged and old in a new, contemporary space. The resulting feel is that the wall is an original feature of the building and the only thing left remaining in the space, with a new restaurant built around it.

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Another focal point is the stone and wooden clad fireplace – an exquisite addition to the key pieces of furniture, striking light features above the bar. Finally, the entrance to the restaurant is made impactful by a Murano Glass chandelier and accompanying candelabra custom made for Maison Reyjeané. With its muted colour palette, splashes of red hues throughout the design choices create an energy reminiscent of the zest for life that inspired Sela Vie.

Celebrating life, good food, and community, Sela Vie is a symbol of the best there is to offer. Beautifully crafted by Maison Reyjeané, a seat at this table will make the saying ‘that’s life’ the most positive it has ever been.

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Photography by: Elsa Young

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