The Great Entertainer


With Sarika Jacobs & Quintin Gilman, ARRCC

Our ideal entertainment area in the home is undeniably one with a distinct character and which reflects an edited approach; where palettes and integration of various elements elevate gatherings and foster memorable experiences. While prioritising comfort and practicality, the perfect indoor entertainment area includes raw minimalism and organic materials paired with sophisticated detailing and layered luxury.

Delights of everyday living

Lighting and high-tech media integration are essential for top-quality entertainment spaces. LED strip lights, pendant lights, or dimmable overhead fixtures contribute to mood, along with high-definition TVs and cutting-edge surround sound systems for ultimate multimedia enjoyment. These should, of course, integrate effortlessly within the interior architecture of the space. The goal is to create a sensory experience that serves as a backdrop for the delights of everyday living, resulting in inviting environments.

ZA HillsideView Int 011 003 GC

Only the exceptional

Colour and exceptional fabrics and textures strongly influence our design ideals in this area of the home. A varied art collection allows for spaces with a dynamic dialogue between the artworks and furnishings, and the combination of these elements produces inviting and captivating spaces.

Multi-functional living zones are excellent because they can offer one spacious entertainment space or separate intimate spaces, and even spill out onto terraces and the garden as a natural extension. We love the inclusion of organic shapes and elegant curves in furniture selections, to balance the strong linear lines of architecture and to create an elegant play of form.

ZA HillsideView Int 002 001 GC

What’s in, what’s out

We’re not trend followers at heart, and instead enjoy an approach where a unique design direction is formulated, taking inspiration from various aspects of a site; the location, views, the architecture, and personal style. Custom-designed, bespoke pieces are especially captivating for timeless interiors. This timelessness is ideally generated with neutral colour palettes, quality products, and understated luxury in the design language.

Although we steer clear of trends, certain topics are very in, and we can’t help but agree: biophilic design, sustainability, and wellness-focussed design. What to avoid? All-white interiors and excessive ornamentation.

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