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We are EGG Rosebank

From Veldskoen and Yuppiechef to Checkers and Sportscene, TDC & Co (The Design Company) have a well-stocked portfolio of vibrant triumphs. With a philosophy that seeks out the fun in design, it’s no surprise that their work is setting the bar for retail interior curation. The Team sees ‘& Co’ as essential to their practice, prioritising collaboration to constantly pursue unique approaches. The ultimate example of their future-forward style? Their teamwork with We Are EGG to design one of the most innovative store concepts in the country.

Many South African malls tend to offer more of the same with every opening. There isn’t much innovation and creativity in these spaces, and that’s something retail pioneers Paul Simon and Arie Fabian decided to change with their EGG concept. Presenting a 21st-century update on the classic department store, it is an omnichannel experience focussed on a collective of brands that collaborates, co-evolves, and co-creates – an opportunity TDC & Co couldn’t pass up.

TDC & Co’s most recent We Are EGG project is situated in the up-and-coming cosmopolitan suburb of Rosebank. Appearing in this location, the store provides consumers with an incredibly exciting shopping destination where they can explore, experience, linger, interact, and enjoy unique quality offerings by local and international brands.


An immersive exploration

The task at hand for TDC & Co was to create an enchanting destination designed to immerse customers in a curated world of fashion, beauty, jewellery, and culture – an inspirational place to meet, explore, and shop. Having already worked on the first store in Cavendish, they were well-poised to take on the Joburg iteration and hit the ground running. The collaboration consisted of a team providing a scope of services that spanned Brand Design, Interior Design, Technical Documentation, and Project Procurement, with We Are EGG working alongside them during the design and brand vision conceptualisation.

Hitting the ground running

The starting point for the concept was the idea of a collective. TDC & Co wanted to create an inspiring space, made up of a beautiful assemblage of elements that enabled these thinkers, designers, and artists to showcase their talent. EGG is a place of constant change, and the response is inspired by adaptability and flexibility, multi-faceted and interchangeable. It allows for retail sustainability in all senses of the word – meeting the needs of the shopper and the world as they evolve and transform.


Features in innovation

A strategic approach to visual innovation is what helps to draw people in and keep them there – ‘Instagrammable’ spaces, enticing walls, functional art, and bold merchandise. To utilise the space for consumer entertainment and interaction, elements were added which allowed customers to play, take selfies, engage in art, sports, and music, and attend demonstrations and launches.

The space was converted from multiple retail shops into one space with an atrium of greenery in the centre of the store and a blue skyline flooded with natural sunlight. The entrance incorporates the quintessential We Are EGG-shaped entrance, opening a dark and inviting tunnel of a portal to the invigorating space.

TDC & Co has made their name synonymous with a new approach to retail design whilst elevating standards of customer experience in store that undoubtedly compete in the international market. As retail design continues to transform, this brilliant team’s influence reveals how welcome this brand energy of creating collaborations with lesser-known and smaller brands will be in the future of retail design. By giving them a place to be showcased with the flexibility to create their own image, while maintaining a cohesive brand aesthetic, a path is cleared to an invigorating tomorrow.

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