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With a flair for style evolution across the residential and hospitality sectors, Clinton Savage is an exemplar of the most sophisticated side of the scene. His approach to interior architecture and design prioritises the combination of adaptability to client needs, stimulating the senses, producing interiors that stop you in your tracks, and challenging the boundaries of beauty. Impressing from Cape Town and Durban to Mozambique and Munich, a conversation with Clinton about his flagship project, the highs and lows of the work, and the use of the unassuming high gloss ceiling was one we couldn’t allow to pass us by.

You have a portfolio of bright, bold, and brilliant designs. Which do you consider to be your flagship project?

Our flagship project featuring bold and brilliant designs would be our Erinvale Hotel & Spa Project. It was completed in 2022, and we love it as it epitomises the essence of a ‘feel-good’ space. It stands as a testament to our passion for crafting environments that evoke joy and comfort. The interiors feel collected and touch all the senses. They are both timeless and contemporary, a seamless blend of past and present.


What is the most unconventional product or element you’ve ever used in a project?

A high gloss ceiling in Constantia we are currently building; a mirror gloss, high shine ceiling introduces sophistication and allure, elevating the room’s ambiance with timeless elegance and captivating drama. Meticulous preparation is essential to ensure a smooth and flawless surface before applying multiple thin coats of high gloss paint. Bright, rich colours maintain a contemporary classic aesthetic, while thoughtful lighting choices further enhance the shine. Traditional furnishings can complement the space’s charm, and regular maintenance preserves the glossy finish, ensuring its lasting impact on the room’s design.

Which part of the overall project process is most stressful, and which is most exciting?

The most stressful part often revolves around the initial stages, particularly the concept development and planning phase. This is where the vision for the project begins to take shape, and there’s a lot of pressure to ensure that the design aligns with the client’s expectations, budget, and functional needs. Juggling various ideas, addressing potential challenges, and making crucial decisions during this phase can be quite demanding.

However, despite the stress, it’s also one of the most exciting phases of the project. It’s here that creativity flourishes, and we have the opportunity to explore innovative concepts, experiment with different design elements, and envision the potential of the space. Collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life and witnessing their excitement as they see the design concepts come together is incredibly rewarding.

Moreover, the thrill of problem-solving and finding creative solutions to overcome design challenges adds an element of excitement to the process. While the initial stages may be stressful, they also lay the foundation for a fulfilling and exhilarating journey towards creating a truly remarkable interior space.


What are you currently working on that we can keep an eye out for?

We are currently busy with some super beautiful homes, both in SA and abroad, and are about to break ground on a very exciting wellness facility. Collaborating with wellness experts, we are crafting an immersive environment that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, setting new standards in luxury wellness architecture and interiors.

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