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The Story of a store that’s making moves

On a path that is redefining retail spaces, We Are EGG has emerged as an out-of-the-box chain of stores for the next generation of design. This brilliant endeavour is the innovation of Paul Simon (YDE) and Arie Fabian (Fabiani) – a combination that already speaks volumes. The initiative is unlike anything the country has seen before, taking the idea of offering a broad range of products and making the shopping experience bespoke and memorable. With this brand being a fresh and fiery topic in the retail scene, we chatted to Paul to get the lowdown on how this stroke of genius came to be.

We Are EGG is nothing short of revolutionary. Tell us how the idea came to you.

We Are EGG was conceived during the tumultuous times of the pandemic. In the midst of chaos, the idea emerged as a celebration of resilience and creativity. My co-founder Arie and I saw an opportunity to bring together fashion, beauty, homeware, accessories, jewellery, and footwear under one roof – a retail haven, a sanctuary of style.

What inspired the interior design style that you chose for the stores?

The design style draws inspiration from the fusion of modern minimalism and ambient lighting. The decision to create a curated, elevated retail experience was driven by the desire to redefine the traditional shopping environment and make it an adventure in itself.


Once the concept was ready, how did the rest of the project proceed?

Once the concept took root, the project unfolded organically. It was a symphony of collaboration, where every team member played a crucial role. We prioritised a seamless flow from idea to execution, ensuring each store retains the essence of We Are EGG while adapting to its unique surroundings.

Each store offers multiple experiences beyond the shopping aspect. How do you choose these experiences?

It is an art. We aim to strike a balance between uniqueness and resonance with our brand ethos. It’s about creating an immersive environment where customers not only shop but also engage with the lifestyle we curate. Our stores boast a greenhouse, a haven of greenery rarely seen in retail spaces, and we’ve introduced piercing studios and a beauty salon for an experiential touch. We regularly have DJs play in our centre court in Rosebank, week in and week out, to create that vibrant atmosphere while customers browse the store. Sometimes people visit us just for the music.

What do you imagine for the future of retail spaces and how do you hope your stores will influence that?

I envision retail spaces becoming experiential hubs. Our stores are at the forefront, influencing this shift. I want us to continue redefining the boundaries, ensuring that each visit is not just a transaction but an exploration of style and individuality; where each visit promises something new and exciting.

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With the opening of the Rosebank and V&A stores, were there specific design elements or changes made to enhance the overall shopping experience?

The Rosebank and V&A stores allowed us to experiment further with our design language. We fine-tuned elements to enhance the overall shopping experience, tailoring each store to its unique location while maintaining the core aesthetic that defines We Are EGG.

What is essential for an experiential retail store to succeed?

In this evolving retail landscape, adaptability is key. Success lies in understanding the pulse of your audience, providing unique experiences, and staying true to your brand’s identity. It’s a delicate dance between innovation and authenticity.

How do you maintain the cohesive and distinctive visual identity that the EGG stores are known for?

Achieving a cohesive visual identity across diverse sections is a meticulous process. I focus on maintaining a harmonious design language, ensuring that each section complements the others while maintaining its distinctiveness.

JAN Store Landscape 6

Are there any sustainable or eco-friendly design aspects incorporated into the stores?

Sustainability is a cornerstone for EGG. From strictly using paper bags to incorporating moss for a sustainable look and feel, we’re committed to eco-friendly practices.

Are there any emerging trends or technologies you are excited to incorporate in the future?

I’m enthusiastic about integrating augmented reality and interactive technologies to elevate the customer experience. Embracing innovation while preserving the charm of physical retail is a thrilling prospect for us.

Which design elements or concepts have proven particularly successful in enhancing the overall retail experience?

Elements like interactive displays, personalised styling services, and our experiential additions have resonated exceptionally well. However, it’s an ongoing process of refinement; not every concept is an instant hit, but each one teaches us something valuable.

0021 18A 3

How do you tailor the designs and concepts at the different EGG stores to meet the preferences of different target markets?

We tailor designs by incorporating local influences and understanding the preferences of our diverse customer base. It’s about celebrating individuality while fostering a sense of community.

How does collaborating with local artisans bring a sense of community to the interior?

Collaborating with local artisans and sourcing materials from the community is vital. It not only supports local talent but also adds a genuine touch to our stores, fostering a sense of belonging.

Where to from here for We Are EGG?

The journey continues! We’re exploring new horizons, constantly innovating, and bringing the essence of We Are EGG to more locations. Stay tuned for more surprises, more style, and more EGG-citement!

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