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Honouring the land that we traverse means honouring those who design it, build it, and tend to it, and this year another roundup of stellar selections has made the list of SALI’s Awards of Excellence! In celebration of work that moves, excites, and inspires, SALI joined the South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC) for another annual South African Landscaping and Ornamental Horticultural (SALOHC) Conference, which spotlights the latest in head-turning professionals and projects in the industry, from specialised construction to environmental landscape work. An aptly chosen venue, the event was held in June 2023 at the culture-rich Indaba Hotel Conference Centre in Johannesburg – a celebration in itself of our local landscape! Continuing the SCAPE tradition, it’s time for us to roam the outstanding projects that encompass the highest expertise and quality. Without further ado, put your hands together for this year’s winners.

The Best Novice Entry

This was awarded to Green Creations Landscaping for the vibrant House Michael. Nested in Gauteng’s Neighbourhood Estate, this garden demanded a design that boasts colour and texture. The Estate requires that 70% of plant applications be indigenous plants, which Green Creations fulfilled with excellence, and which aid in attracting local wildlife and fauna. To harmonise with and balance out the strong architectural style of the house, natural boulders and rock were chosen and effortlessly spread throughout the garden. For an element of privacy, more than 13 large indigenous plants were included to work as a natural screening, while still maintaining access to the beautiful greenbelt views from the home. In addition, the combination of light and shaded areas successfully brings a subtle element of depth to the space. House Michael proves itself as an undoubtedly deserving indigenous, water wise garden, crafted by one of the industry’s true up-and-coming talents. With strong values in sustainability, environmental consciousness, and innovation, this team definitely lives up to its name!

FB IMG 1674797629485
House Michael
SALI Green Creations House Michael 2023 256 1
Green Creations Landscaping wins Best Novice Entry

The Stihl Trophy for Best Landscape and Turf Maintenance

The trophy was awarded to Servest for their work on Woodlands Office Park. Servest has held the contract for this 60-hectare office park for eight years. One of the largest office parks in the southern hemisphere, it is made up of thirty-one buildings, a Lifestyle Centre, parking, water features, and extensive landscaped spaces, all of which Servest maintains, set alongside a 43-hectare game park.

The SALI judges complimented the team for uplifting and maintaining the gardens and wildlife park to an excellent standard. This long-term project was presented in pristine condition, with nothing having been overlooked or neglected. It is safe to say this achievement was a well-deserved Double Gold for Servest.

Woodlands Office Park
Servest Woodlands 2023 264
Servest wins the Stihl Trophy Award

The Reliance Compost Award for Best Specialised Construction

This award went to Turftech for their work on Laerskool Tygerpoort. Laerskool Tygerpoort commissioned the construction of four artificial turf multi-courts and new cricket nets to bring a refreshed vibrance to the school campus. Additionally, fencing, paving, and retaining of walls and kerbs were required, before finally installing the turfs. Turftech’s work here is faultless, according to the judges, which is an impressive feat, especially since the task also presented its own construction challenges. A small building had to be demolished and ground levels had to be readjusted, along with the building of retaining walls. Thanks to excellent preparation and execution in the installation, all issues were overcome, earning this flawless entry its winning spot for Best Specialised Construction.

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Laerskool Tygerpoort
Turftech Tygerpoort
Turftech wins for Best Specialised Construction

The Sakata MayFord Trophy for Best Use of Colour in the Landscape

This was awarded to GvH Landscape for House Goetsch. Inspired by one of GvH Landscape’s gardens, the client approached the team for their own patch of magic at House Goetsch in Plettenberg Bay. With full freedom over the endeavour, GvH pursued a natural garden, with an emphasis on colour and plants which would attract a variety of indigenous wildlife. Along with the seamless flow from the indoor gardens to the outdoor gardens, a rooftop garden was included to add to the dynamic of the house.

IMG 4338
House Goetsch
SALI GvH House Goetsch 2023 258
GvH Landscape wines the Sakata MayFord Trophy award

The Floriculture Wholesale Growers Award for Best Interior Plantscaping

The award went to Life Indoors, a division of Life Green Group, for their work on Momentum Life Building. A stellar indoor scaping project, the judges commended the excellent quality of the plant material used. Lush, glossy leaves show off varying shades of green, bringing vibrance to the building. To complement tricky indoor lighting, new indoor plant cultivars and wise plant choices were strategically and successfully incorporated.

Momentum 100
Momentum Life Building
Life Landscapes Momentum
Life Indoors wins for Best Interior Plantscaping

The Evergreen Turf Award for Best Specialised Turf Construction

This was awarded to Trompie Investments for Waterkloof Hills Sports Facilities. With a task to rehabilitate nearly seven hectares of sports fields, a tall order was placed on Trompie Investments. The project included tackling an athletics track, three soccer fields, and eight multipurpose courts to give the facilities a new lease on life.

20220310 143613
Waterkloof Hills Sports Facilities
SALI Trompie 2023 268
Trompie Investments wins the Evergreen Turf Award

The Bristlecone Nursery Award for Most Innovative and Original Use of Plant Material

With a true understanding of environmental landscaping excellence, Keith Kirsten Horticulture International (KKHI) developed a stunning turnaround and revamp of an entire cottage retreat area at Boschendal Wine Estate. Tasked with four key outcomes, the team tackled the project to fulfil the remodelling of an entrance and installation of a wood deck walkway that leads to the visitors’ lecture hall, the creation of a parking area for events and visitors, and the conversion of a large retention dam into a smaller eco-pool surrounded by decking (an innovation which has brought a new dimension to the design space). Finally, all of these features were overlaid with a spectacular fynbos landscape to enhance the wildlife biodiversity in the area.

IMG 3699
Boschendal Wine Estate
SALI Keith Kirsten Boschendal 2023 260
Keith Kirsten Horticulture International wins the Bristlecone Nursery Award

The Atlantic Fertilisers Award for Best Landscape Design and Construction

This was won by Bertha Wium Landscape Development for Clearwater Mall Food Court. This impressive design and installation turnkey project was approached with structure in mind — crafting a practical, yet exciting and magical play area for children, while elevating the food court’s overall experience. Unlike the typical mall food court, this upgrade boasts boldness (seen in its take on tree houses and nest nodes), which is successfully carried through all aspects of the site.

DAN 8678 1
Clearwater Mall Food Court
Bertha Wium
Bertha Wium Landscape Development wins the Atlantic Fertilisers Award

The Just Trees Award for Best Landscape Construction with Design by Others

JPJ Landscapes and Life Landscapes won this award for House The Orchards. Accompanying the total renovation of a home in Johannesburg, the garden at House The Orchards called for an upgrade, too, and JPJ Landscapes and Life Landscapes proved themselves the best team for the job. The project firstly required that the more mature plants be respected and maintained, while still allowing the garden to reflect the contemporary architecture of the newly renovated house. Changing the position of the pool to suit the more adult demographic, the area became more entertainment focussed, and JPJ designed a space where the entertainment area, surrounded by a terraced stone wall, leads to the new grassland eco-pool. To adapt to the new contemporary style, curved lines were also made geometric, and the garden was divided into several ‘rooms’.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 23 at 12.57.27 PM 11zon
House The Orchards
SALI JPJ The Orchards 2023 272
The Just Trees Award won by JPJ Landscapes and Life Landscapes

The Sali Shield for Excellence in Landscaping

The SALI Shield for Excellence has been awarded as the premier annual landscaping award since 1986. This year, the award went to the landscapers of the project which proved outstanding efforts with a great knowledge of the plants, ecology, and the task at hand. Blue Wood Landscaping was not only this year’s Shield winner for their work on Olifants River Side Arm Rehabilitation, but was also a triple threat, taking two more trophies: the Rand Water Trophy for Best Water Wise Project and the Tshala Plant Brokers Trophy for Best Environmental Landscape Work.

IMG 20220922 WA0009
Olifants River Side Arm Rehabilitation
SAGIC Gala Dinner 23 06 155
Blue Wood Landscaping wins SALI Shield for Excellence

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