The Dreamer’s Garden


With Josephine Noyce

A perfect residential garden is, of course, subject to every person’s taste and needs. What might be perfect for one person changes for the next. For me, the perfect garden is about understanding the ideal use of space and focussing on what will have the biggest impact. From plant palettes and materials to key features and use of lighting, this is a walk through my dream garden.

The planter’s palette
Plant palettes are informed by a number of factors: home and garden style, colour palette, and height and form requirements. Despite these logistics, I think the best approach to plant palettes is to keep them minimalist, as this offers a more confident and impactful design outcome. Speaking of palettes, go-to colours on my list right now include grey and white, with yellow for a modern pop of colour.

RebeccaAnn–JosephineNoyce–House4–ValdeVie 39
RebeccaAnn–JosephineNoyce–House3–ValdeVie 9

Dynamic materials
At the moment my favourite materials for the garden include solid granite stone – a versatile and strong option which works well in a stone wall for a lovely natural shape and texture. I also love using untreated garapa hardwood and timber lawn steps, walkways, pergolas, and benches. And then there is the classic klompie brick. It even works for raised planters, which I recently discovered.

All about the aesthetic
When it comes to lighting in the garden, my favourite aspect to focus on can be summed up in two words: golden hour. Curating a space which highlights these times of day are essential for my perfect garden. I find achieving this is done best with a combination of both lightweight and mature trees in strategic spots to let the light in just right.

Ultimately, my perfect garden is the epitome of a retreat – the part of the home that feels like a holiday! The romance of a hammock, the ambience of warm lighting at night, an unpredictable planting island, it’s all about the invitation to work a little less and enjoy more nature.

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