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Specifying. Made. Simple.

PAL was launched to connect over 50 leading architectural firms to physical samples of the very best products and finishes in an effortless, simple and curated campaign that makes specifying a pleasure! Much like a PAL, our campaign is becoming the professional’s new best friend.

Perhaps you’re an accredited architect or developer in the commercial or residential sectors? Are you looking for a quick, easy way to get in touch with the latest and greatest products and finishes on offer for your next big build, or to gain some inspiration? We see you!

Maybe you’re a product supplier to the Professional Architect or Landscaper (PAL)? Now we’ve perked your interest and you’re reading on because you’re keen to get your product into the eyeline of the developer or product specifier at the top South African architectural firms? We see you too!

What we do is curate and box suppliers’ samples, and then, keeping in touch with our signed-on firms -send these samples nationwide and to our lead specifiers’ office doors so that they can interact with and share your samples with their team. This gives them time to focus on what they do best, innovate and design for SA’s next big build.

After a very successful 2021 campaign, we’ll be delivering 2 boxes for 2022…

PAL April and PAL November.

Get in touch if you want to apply to receive a PAL campaign for your firm, or if you have a product you want to share with SA’s finest.

"We have shared it with our team of architects and couldn’t be happier with the reviews"
"Wow, it was amazing, beautifully packaged, easy to navigate, a joy to unpack"
- Boogertman + Partners
"Impressed with the look and size! Super fun unboxing experience for my team"
- AMA Architects
"Great concept, well packaged and presented"
- Lyt Architecture
"Quick, easy, interesting"
- Veld Architects
"The whole process was exciting. Compactly packaged real samples are so useful for immediate understanding of product application to share with clients"
- Team Architects

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